Sunday, September 1, 2013

Landing my first job

I started my first job a couple of weeks after my first interview.  It was a cashier position at a Chinese bakery.  The bakery was situated inside a small Chinese shopping center my family frequented.  

A few days after my interview at the chiropractor, my parents said that I should take initiates and call to follow-up.  I took their advice and was told that the office would contact me once a decision had been reached.  I didn't think they were going to hire me.  My parents simply told me that a job was not going to just land in my lap.  If I wanted a job, I would have to actively look for one.  My father said that I had to learn to be braver and more thick-skinned.  He said a "no" should not be a discouragement, it should be a driving force for me to try even harder until I get a "yes."  

A couple of days later, while we were shopping at the Chinese supermarket, I saw a "hiring" sign.  It belonged to the bakery.  I pretended to walk by its window very nonchalantly several times.  Each time taking a quick glimpse of the sign, trying to see what its requirements were.  "No experience required" and "weekend hours," yay, I qualified!

I ran up to my mom, who was picking out Chinese movies from a video store nearby.  I told my mom about the hiring sign and its requirements.  My mom told me, "What are you waiting for?  Go ask for an application!  I will wait for you here."  That was all I needed from her.  I didn't need any encouragement nor reassurance.  I already knew I should get a job, I just needed a firm nudge from her. 

I walked up to a man who was wiping down a glass display case in the bakery.  Remembering my mom telling me that no one would want to hire someone who was shy and unsure, I tried to sound pleasant and enthusiastic.  Stuttering a little, I asked him if he knew how I could get an application.  He told me he was the manager and asked me about my job experience and availability.  My heart was racing, but I forced myself to stay calm, answer clearly, and avoid any unnecessary body gestures.  He then gave me an application and told me to bring it back.  I took the application and tried my best to walk out casually, in reality, I just wanted to make a bee line for our car. 

I returned the next day to drop off my application.  The manager happened to be free.  He looked over my application and asked me when I was able to start.  I told him anytime.  I landed my first job!

Life is full of surprises.  Right after I got hired by the bakery, I received a phone call from the chiropractor.  She wanted to hire me.  I told her I already accepted another job.  She asked me where it was.  I told her I was going to be a cashier at a bakery.  She said her office was better suited for me and offered to pay me more.  I told her I couldn't go back on my words.  She insisted a couple more times.  I thanked her for her offer, but I couldn't do it.  In my mind, it was easier to turn her down, than to go back on my words with the bakery.  Doing so would not rest well with my conscience. 


  1. Job well done! Glad you decided to stay at the bakery, more treats there anyway!

  2. LOL, I know. This place had great fringe benefits, I got to eat all the bakery goods I wanted when I was on duty!